A long weekend in Hong Kong

My son and I travelled to Hong Kong as the last leg to our time spent in Australia. It was not necessarily a place on the bucket list as I thought it was just a built up city, nonetheless, our Cathay Pacific flight connected and we decided to check it out for a long weekend and I was pleasantly surprised!



We stayed in the most amazing 5* Hotel named The Royal Garden I would really recommend it, its perfect location plus Michelin star restaurants, one of which we ate in was just perfection for so many reasons, the incredible food, service and the violinist accompanied by the singer while dining made it just so special. The roof top pool was just amazing with a view of Victoria Harbour! However the best part of it all was the price! We paid £300 for 3 nights which let’s face it is mega cheap if you compare it to what that gets you in the UK! A link to the hotel- http://www.rghk.com.hk/default-en.html and I booked at http://www.booking.com.

13407181_10209584279314137_3843816492625616451_n Waiting for the Symphony of lights

The symphony of lights happens at 8 pm every night they are a fabulous show of lights across the Hong Kong skyline. I would recommend going to the viewpoint to get the best view. The show was also Named the ‘World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show’ by Guinness World Records. More about the lights here- http://www.discoverhongkong.com/uk/see-do/highlight-attractions/harbour-view/a-symphony-of-lights.jsp


I visited Hong Kong in June and it was roasting hot! It is very built up with no room for fresh air due to the tall buildings and to be honest I felt very claustrophobic and even had to buy 2 fans and water for my head because it was seriously humid especially walking through the markets; tip is go prepared with whatever you can to keep hydrated and cool!

The place we stayed was Tsim Sha Tsui after researching many blogs I found this was the best for children and not as business orientated as the other districts. It had a very urban feel and it had a range of things to do from boat trips on the Victoria Harbour opposite the hotel to nice restaurants such a Gordon Ramsay and other chains. Alternative restaurants were readily available around the streets and also food pop-ups. I have to admit I wasn’t very cultural on that front..well except for noodles. I was very apprehensive about what I would have been eating given the Chinese do eat alternative animals to what I do and there was also not much English literature!

13413684_10209584261353688_5178651402235720392_n Architecture is impressive amongst the city

Hong Kong is personally what I thought its built up but then again it is a city and it is humid but I did visit at one of the hottest times so if you do decide to go then look at the climate if you want to explore. Hong Kong is huge so take the time to research what you are wanting from your trip! We explored the markets, ate at some very nice places, relaxed by the amazing pool in the very hot sun and on the last day visited DISNEY LAND! That was perfect for us after travelling Australia non-stop.



Disney Land Hong Kong style was well different. It is the smallest of the other 5 but very clean and easier to navigate around. It had some great rides that were exclusive to HKK Disney and it was a great way to finish the trip off.

The funniest part of the trip was the amount of birthday cake Brett received even though his birthday wasn’t until 2 weeks! I always like to make a big fuss on birthdays even on the build up to them!! I told the hotel and Disney his birthday was coming up and they made him feel very special. The Royal Garden hotel even delivered a cake to his bed.

All in all a great experience and fantastic cultural place but I personally would not visit back with my child as I feel we did a lot with our time and exhausted most things for children, however, I think if I travelled with the girls we could experience some of the nightlife!


Emily x 

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