Berlin in 48 hours

I visited Berlin while working in the travel industry. I won the trip to fly from London Luton to Berlin for just 48 hours. Yes seemed a slight rush but seriously did I care that it was 3 trains, 2 taxis and 5 hours later to Luton?! No because I was visiting BERLIN!

Brandenburg Gate

Arrived at the most amazing hotel (H10 Berlin Ku’damm) highly recommend this place mainly for location and the overall contemporary urban feel. After a long day of travelling it was time to get out and explore. We had a guy named Mr Meinke who is a celebrity ‘plug in’ for nightlife, I highly recommend him especially if you’re in a city for a short space of time, he will take you to THE best hot spots!


Walking through Berlin streets; I just love how you can be walking in a quiet neighbourhood and then down an alley there is a hidden bar/ restaurant or club. Its intriguing and makes Berlin evermore seedy and suspicious. 

First stop was a Vietnamese restaurant ‘Saigon and More’ for octopus starter, we then went on to an Thai restaurant ‘Thai-Restaurant Mai Phai’ which was very funky and felt like I had stepped into some abandoned forest.. Lastly was a cocktail bar for ice cream pops and Mojitos which I believe was called CODA an old converted building.

All these places should be on the list of eateries when in Berlin!


Day 2 

We hired a bike this is a must in Berlin and also one of the most convenient ways to travel! I visited the Berlin Wall which was a positive historical experience and also the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. 


To get a taste for the old and the new Berlin I was taken to some new architectural buildings to see how much it has changed and hear the story of how the city was split in two. We also passed through Tier Garten, the park is 210 hectares in size and is among the largest urban gardens of Germany it is amazing and so picturesque, a must when visiting Berlin!

Lunch at the infamous TV tower-Berliner Fernsehturm was the ultimate dining experience. Rotating 360 degrees gives a full view of Berlin while having a traditional German meal.


Hardrock for cocktails delivered as always and they even gave me complimentary gifts to take home! I chose me and Brett matching hoodies. 🙂

All in all I would definitely visit Berlin again the place is just super cool and urban.

In just 2 days I got to see a lot mostly down to the whole thing being planned by the amazing VISITBERLIN! Hook them up if you are time limited!

Shopping in Berlin!

Tips and recommendations

  • Hire a bike
  • Have 3 courses in different places (I loved that idea)
  • Visit the Berlin Wall
  • BBQ in Tier Garten
  • TV tower for Lunch and the view!
  • Hardrock for cocktails
  • View point to see the middle of the Berlin Wall
  • Museum island

Thanks for reading, if you are looking at going to Berlin then get in touch!

Emily x

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