Christmas in Madeira

I was so excited to share my thoughts on this place so an early blog was a must.. 3 days in and I love Madeira so much!




So my parents come here every year just about and they always say how lovely it is especially at Christmas and since this time of year is my favourite and I needed some sun, I decided to add it to my bucket list and visit pre-Christmas.


They wasn’t wrong when they said it was an amazing place. Firstly it has all the usual lovely restaurants, boutiques and quirky bars however what Madeira does amazingly is CHRISTMAS….



I have literally never seen a place (in the sun) that goes to this much effort at Christmas.

Christmas markets, lights on literally every tree, a Christmas tree in every window.

Christmas markets


The tree you can walk inside


If you like Christmas but also like the nice weather then this place is for you! It’s also great if you want a getaway near Christmas and one that won’t cost you anymore then £400pp.

I am staying at Hotel Raga and would highly recommended for a nice location with great views.

Hotel Raga balcony view

Today we are going on the cable car to the top of the mountain and then pulled down on a sleigh!

My holiday tips-

  • Bring flat shoes-the place is so hilly

  • Euros 

  • Out of Christmas season not a great deal for children.

  • Go to the English pubs

  • New year here is out of this world so if you can combine your trip,  you would also see the great fireworks too

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Emily x

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